Why is my name Latte?

My humans got their hands on a Nikon D40 DSLR and were so shutter-trigger happy that they shot lots of photos of me.

They zoomed in and did close ups of me :p

I really look like a cup of latte ya? Creamy frothy milk swirling like a cloud on espresso.

Have a good week ahead! May our doggie smiles chase all your Monday blues away :)


BenTheRotti said...

Mum just got a new D-SLR too, beware.. she photographs my every move now! 2 months in and i want to eat the darn camera!
Gorgeous photos of you though.. when you get bored of them snapping away.. turn round so they get lots of butt shots.. this seems to work and make them put the camera down to get.. TREATS hehehe

Ben xxx

Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Wow...those are cool photos indeed! But humans are pretty shutter happy, no? I remember when Mom first got her camera (nothing spiffy like your Mom's...just a normal camera), she photographs every. single. thing. she sees! Including me! =P I guess we all have to live with these 'pupparazzi' thingies...


Orable & Charlie said...

That's lovely - your smile is nice and your mahogany coat is pretty - my nosie is getting all silvery now and my smile would chase everybody away, not just the blues!

Please stop by my bloggie cause I have some awards for you!


happy said...

Really nice shots! Aah...now we know why you are called Latte.