Can my dog eat dough with yeast?

If any of you are wondering why dogs should not eat dough with yeast in it, here's a piece of 'news' that will have you barking out loud.

So, here's a practical reason why dough with yeast is on our list of food to avoid feeding to your doggy friend.


Drunken Dog Devours Yeast Dough

A vet in Austria had to treat a three year old Labrador because it was barely able to walk on his four paws. It was also smelling of beer.

Tests done showed that the dog had 1.6g of alcohol per liter of blood!

Apparently, the hungry dog gad sneaked into the kitchen in the morning and wolfed down half a kilogram of dough with fresh yeast. The dough had fermented in his stomach and gave out alcohol, so the dog was stone drunk.

Reference: www.pettalkradio.com.au


Bree/Reilly said...

Oh my goodness.....that's not good for the dog......but I could help having a gawoofing chuckle at it too. At least he wasn't driving!!!!!!!

Latte said...

Anymore and he might have to join the DAA :P Dogs Alcoholic Anonymous.

Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Eep! That is quite astonishing! But I can just see that doggie walking like a drunken dude...=P Thanks for sharing the news, Latte! Will definitely let Mom know about this!