Cake: Banana Cream Cheese Cake

It was a balmy weekend afternoon, and one of my humans baked this deliciously sweet smelling cake. They enjoyed it with a brew of Earl Grey. I got to taste a tiny morsel of the cake and begged for more, but that was all. "It's too sweet for you Latte...".

Well, I'm glad anyway that they're happy. Curling up under the table, I had a napped - enjoying my humans' company.

Have a great weekend ahead! : )


Scottie the 'cutie' said...

WOW! That looks ABSOLUTELY delish, Latte!! Would your humans mind sharing the recipe? Mom says she loves banana cake too, and this one looks divine! I myself don't mind savouring a piece...*wink*


Latte said...

My humans said, "SURE! We'll dig up the recipe and post it up." :p~ *slurp*

I hope they'll bake it again, and I'll get another morsel :)

BenTheRotti said...

OMDog!! That looks delicious, Mum is foaming at the mouth just looking at the picture, we were just about to demand the recipe but we see that it's already coming, we are eagerly anticipating it.
I'm excited now, not only is there a possibility she may share some of the cake with me, if she is baking she will almost definatley make me some treats too!! wooohooo

Hope you have a wonderful weekend


Ben xxxx

Oahupet said...

That looks sooo tasty

Latte said...

Thanks oahupet :) It's more of a human than dog treat recipe, although I didn't mind having it at all :p~