Bad Food For Dogs (Part 2) - Please Avoid

Here's some bad food to avoid feeding your dog. Your dog should never eat some of the food because it is toxic and poisonous. For some types of food, it is a a little gray because some dog owners have had little problems feeding them, e.g., grapes.

Alcohol - they are a definite no! Highly toxic. It can cause your dog to vomit and fall into a coma for severe cases. I have heard of someone who gave beer to their dog, and they thought it was fun because the dog got a little 'high'. My goodness...

Dough with Yeast - If you like to bake for your dog like us, chances are you know you should not feed your dog raw dough that has yeast. This is because the dough with yeast would expand in the stomach. Imagine the pain - your dog's stomach might burst too, from the pressure.

Also, we've heard, the dough might ferment and produce alcohol that might hurt your dog. However, I don't think the dough will stay long enough in the digestive system for it to ferment? Anyway, let's not feed our dogs raw dough with yeast in it.

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happy said...

Hi Latte, just dropping in from Simba's blog. That's some yummy recipe you are sharing here. Must pester LS to try it out!

Latte said...

Thanks Happy :) Try the banana muffins, quick and easy, it's our favorite.

Spencer said...

Hi Latte,

Good advice. Here's a couple more things dogs shouldn't eat...chocolate, raisins or grapes and onions. All of them are toxic to dogs.


Latte said...

Hi Spencer, thanks! Those things are definitely not on my menu. :) My humies will probably write about them in detail next time.