Pup Armani & Playful Latte

Armani dropped by our place the other day, and I had such great fun herding him around - until he found the safe haven in the kitchen. *Sulk* I can't go in, so he got to rest next to the amazing fridge from where all yummy treats come from. I had the longest nap ever after Armani left.

Can't wait to have him come over again to play! : )


happy said...

You were herding Armani around? Heh heh...that's so cute of you!

Latte said...

Yes! I love to herd! Many of my doggy friends can give testimony of that, haha.. Armani, Dodi, Lollipop, Cotton and Candy. I wish I can stay on an Aussie farm and work to my heart's delight.


Anonymous said...

Hi Latte, Thanks for stopping by my place. You were herding you r friend around! That sounds like fun! There are some cats around this house that need herding, but you know what they say about herding cats.....

I like your blog!


The Aphasia Decoder.... said...

Glad your herding game was lots of fun. We used to have a shepherd that would herd anything that walked including the neighborhood kids. Any time someone called their kids in, off that dog would go to help bring them in.

Levi's mom

Amber said...

Armani looks cute! didn't you 2 play?

take care

Latte said...

Rusty: Thanks! I dropped by your blog too, coooool :)

A.D.: Wow! No worries about the kids getting lost, they'll get herded together, haha..

Amber: We played! And played! And played! Until Armani couldn't stand me and hid in the kitchen *sulk* I can't go into the kitchen... :(