Book Review: Grrrrowlicious Food For Hungry Dog

This is one of the better illustrated dog food recipe books we've picked up. Maybe one of these days, they should have scented pages that will let Latte sniff and pick the dog food recipe he fancies for the day. Won't that be great!

I love the photography for this dog, very rich colours with modern food styling for the recipe photos. I found the website by the author, quite nice and comes with free recipes & videos. Think I'll download them one of these days and check them out.

With only 26 recipes, this is one of the 'slimmest' dog food recipes books I've seen. Good for cookbook voyeurs - enjoy the yummy-licious photos.

What I don't like about the book is that they add certain ingredients which I would rather not try, even in small quantities - like sultanas (grapes!) and garlic. Their advice on ingredients that are toxic to dogs is short, quite short. I wish it could be more comprehensive, since not all dog owners are savvy about what they shouldn't feed their dogs - this is for their safety right?

Also, they recommend using grapeseed oil, which I'm still scratching my head and wondering if it is safe for dog-consumption since grapes (including raisins and sultanas) are known to cause renal failure in dogs, any way best to avoid. Check out our list of foods to avoid.


BenTheRotti said...

Oh Yummy, I have to get that book, a dog can never have enough recipes to shove under a Mum's nose hehehe

Ben xxxx

happy said...

Sounds like a real yummy book. We sure can do with more variety hehe...

Latte said...

I quite liked the illustrations, too bad it doesn't come with sample whiffs of the receipes or I can paw 'em and let my humans know what I wanna try. :p