Book Review: The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Homemade Dog Food

Wow, even Homemade Dog Food is now covered by the Idiot's Guide series... I think it shows how there is a critical mass growing, of people who want to cook for their dogs.

I was at a local petshop and was just browsing around and checking out the labels. Can you imagine yourself eating canned food or preserved kibble everyday of your life? I can't.

Although it's quite a tiny book, it packs quite a good discussion of whether one should choose between commercial food (i.e. canned, kibble), raw diets (like BARF, Volhard) or home cooked meals - all the advantages and disadvantages were listed. Very helpful book.

For the home cooked diets, there is an excellent discussion of the AAFCO dog food diet requirements and the nutritional aspects which are seldom discussed in dog food recipe books.

The only photo you will see it on the cover, it's print only, check out my photo below. This is definitely not for cookbook voyeurs.


happy said...

Idiot's Guide series? No kidding! Think LS should get one hehe.

PreciOus said...

Hi Latte!

Cool book! My cooking idiot sista should have no excuse not to cook for me now. *Giggle*


Amber said...

Hey Latte, I wish I could say with you. your hoomans cooks for you. I'm stuck with kibbles everyday!!


Latte said...

Happy: Ya! Not just an idiot's guide, just it's a pocket sized cookbook :)

Precious: Hehe.. hey! Your sista's not an idiot, hehe..

Amber: :) I wish I can stay with you too, your hooman gives you such nice treats... *slurp*

Stanislaw said...

Hey there Latte. I must say that I really like your blog. My brother and I are fed a homemade diet. In fact, we haven't had any kibble or processed food for over 6 months! Sites like yours are very handy when looking for clever ways to keep variety in our diet.

Thanks for all the hard work! We plan to visit again soon.