Lazy Humans!

I'm so bored... have not stepped out of the house for a walk & sniff. My human slaves, they're sooo lazy! *frustrated yelp*

Hopefully, I'll convince them to get out of their work chairs and bring me out for a much overdue walk with all my whining and tail-chasing.

Maybe they'll bring me for a long walk by the canal. Maybe I'll get to meet some paw-pals. Maybe...


Bored Latte

P.S., My humans say they've been really busy lately with work - sorry for those who visit us and keep landing on the same old post for the past 2 weeks. Actually, human mom is pregnant now. So they need to get a lot prepared for our new pack member. : )


The Aphasia Decoder.... said...

Ah, Latte, I'm sorry you are bored. Humans do sometimes have to work really hard sometimes to keep a roof over your head.

Tell your mom congratulations on the baby!

Levi's mom

Amber said...

Hey Latte, I'm bored at home too! Oh! what a great news!Congrats to your mom! :D

take care

happy said...

Me too, really bored! If only we live nearby...we could always visit each other.

Congrats to your mom on the baby!

Latte said...

Thanks A.D, Amber & Happy :) My mom's really happy to hear from you, hehe... she can't wait for the babe to 'pop'. She says we'll be her darling children.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Hi Latte! Sorry you've been so bored...it's so hot here that you wouldn't want to go for a walk. Congratulations to your mom! Neat, you'll have a baby brother or sister!

Latte said...

Hi Ricky, it's the same over here - it's either pouring, blistering hot or unusually inactive humans, haha...

Thanks! They're hoping it'll be a boy.

Shock Collar said...

Poor dog.. wants to go for a walk... its really in here.. so we can't also go outside..

Simba said...

I feel your pain Latte...the same goes with me too..(except the pregnant part...)

Hope our summers get a bit more exciting!



Latte said...

thanks Simba :)