What do you eat everyday?

My paw-rents have been cooking my meals for me everyday, I think it's been two and a half years! They try to vary my fare, they do - but honestly, I don't really care. Whatever they place down for me, is always yummy - looking at the way I devour it.

"Every few days, my paw-rents would boil a huge pack of boneless chicken, either fillet or legs."

"And with the deliciously savoury chicken stock, they would add rice and cook it (risotto or 'Asian Chicken Rice' style)."

So, everyday, I get loads of chicken, rice, oats, green veggies and tofu. Healthy stuff, isn't it. They'll throw in an egg or cheese once in awhile too. :)

How about you? What do you eat everyday?


Ludo van puppy said...

You get way better stuff than me. I has something called Burns kibble at the moment. I used to be having raw food though.
~lickies, Ludo

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Yes, you get better stuff than me too! I only get chicken and rice when I've been sick - except that I do get chicken for doing a good job in agility some times! I eat some pretty good tasting kibble, though...

Latte said...

Hey Ludo & Ricky :)
Whatever you're eating, I'm sure your paw-rents give it to you with lots of love.

I sorta bullied my paw-rents into cooking for me. I'll share more in my next post :)

happy said...

Oh boy, that sure looks yummy! Me? Same old boring kibbles...LS is a terrible cook.

Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Wow, the rice and chicken looks awesome! My Mom is no cook...haha! She would give me raw meat to feast on, and it's still good by me! I love my meats...hehe! Oh, and the occasional fruits and veggies as treats sometimes *wink*


Amber said...

Hi Latte, it rhythms!! is droolicious! I have kibbles everyday and it stinks hehe.
with occasion treats. :)
Big licks

Orable and Charlie said...

Yum....that's making me drool!


happy said...

Hi Latte, hope all is well with you there.

Latte said...

Hi Happy,

Thanks so much for asking. I'm quite fine, it's just that my paw-rents are super busy. :)