Don't you love nice gorgeous pictures of dogs? Of course you must, hehe... speaking from a dog's perspective. If we could talk, I'd wish that dogs can tell how much we love our human companions and how sorry we are when we do the 'wrong' things in your perspective (chewing on your stuff, peeing where we shouldn't).

Besides all the walks, treats, grooming and caring, another way you humans say you love us dog kind is when you take lots of pleasure capturing the moments in photos, much like what you'll do for family.

Thank you!!


Myself, looking at one of my favorite Kong toy. A lot more desirable if there's peanut butter in the hard to reach grooves.

Here's an often neglected angle for most dogs. Probably the view smaller dogs would have of us bigger dogs : )


happy said...

You're looking happy there, Latte! Love the 2nd picture of you!

The Aphasia Decoder.... said...

You have a beautiful smile, Latte. You were having a great hair day when those pictures were taken.


Latte said...

Thanks Happy and Levi! :) *wags*

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Hi Latte! Glad to see you looking so happy!

Josh and Jess said...

Hi Latte, Josh and Jess the Shelties from New Zealand :) We just discovered you over on Reilly's blog. Your tiny sister looks real cute, I bet you can't wait until she's big enough to play with her. Love the second picture of you... that's real nice. Come and visit us over on our blog if you like.

Take care, Josh and Jess

Ludo van puppy said...

We love that piccure of you looking down. You look so handsome.

Latte said...

Hi Josh & Jess! Sure, I'm hopping over right now! :)

Allo Ludo, thanks! *blush*

Tatum Tot said...

Ooo that looks like a super yummy bone toy! I want the Mum to get me one. :)

You sure are very handsome for sure!

Latte said...

hey Tatum Tot, thanks... *blush*