It's a dog's life. I have much less time and attention from my hoomans since little sister came along. Less walks, less pats, less play.

And my hoomans are feeling a little sad, guilty at times that their dear boy sheltie boy, me... has been a little neglected these days.

Well... on the bright side, when little sister grows bigger - I'll have three instead of two packmates to play with! : )

In the meantime, I've been exceptionally patient.

To help them keep up with blog posts by all my dog pals, one of my less tech-savvy hooman has finally started on using Bloglines. Adding the feeds of all dogpals blogs in the bloglist was a little tedious, but now it's so convenient to see all the latest posts by the pals.



happy said...

Hi Latte! That's a cute picture of you! Yes, I'm sure your sister will be so much fun to play with when she's a bit older.

Latte said...

*Paw claws crossed* I hope :) Looking forward to it. In the meantime, I'm a little restless :p

Ludo van puppy said...

Hello Latte. My mum says what a lovely new little sister you have. I think she is very cute... for a people anyways. I likes little children peoples they is just a good size.

Latte said...

Hi Ludo! My hoomans say thanks!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Latte, you're such a good dog being so patient while your mom and dad take care of your little sister! She will be so much fun to play with in no time at all!