Extremely Cute Book: The Puppy - Artlist Collection

Have been quite caught up with work lately. I wish I could bake a huge bag of dog cookie treats for Latte and reward him for being so patient with us. He used to chew up our dining chairs if he gets bored, but these days he doesn't - he's maturing. Yeh!

We've been reading a few dog treats, dog food recipe books, but have had no time to sit down and review them. Picked up a coffee table book too (The Puppy - Artlist Collection), and the pictures of the pups are oh-so adorable. Great for a leisurely flip over tea:
I've a fish-eye Lomo camera that can get that 'blown up' effect - have been thinking for ages of bringing Latte out and snapping pics of him with that camera.

Pls 'encourage' us off our lazy chairs. Have a great week ahead : )

[Photo credit: The Dog Logo and Photographs © 2004]


happy said...

Too much time spent on lazy chairs are not good. Best to spend the time taking Latte out!

Now, please tell that to mine too!

Have a great week!

Amber said...

Hi Latte, mom saw the same book at the book store before but is quite pricey. Your mom should try and take your pic with the same affect. :D


Latte said...

Hey LS - bring happy out! Well, they've been not too bad to me, cos when they come home from work, seeing me makes them sooooo happy, they bring me out for a short walk.

Hi Amber, they borrowed the book from the library, it was oozing with so much puppy cuteness :) I think my humans want to do lots of stuff for me this weekend... bake treats, grooming, take pictures - it'll be so hectic... haha...


The Aphasia Decoder.... said...

You review the best books! I've got to get my mom to buy some.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Hi Latte! I'm always happy to know another Sheltie! Thanks for visiting my blog and I'll check out your recipes! They look yummy!


Thousand Hound said...

Oh, that is just adorable. Puppy-licious!

Latte said...

Thanks Ricky!

Hi Thousand Hound: Yes! They're so adorable I wish I could bring them all home, haha..