Book: The Puppy Artlist Collection - Our fav photos

From our post below on The Puppy Collection book, here's our favourite pups, not in any 'order' of liking, BOL...

Shetland Sheeppups!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


This entire franchise on taking photographs of dogs with fish-eye lenses on completely white backgrounds has Japanese origins - brilliantly simple.

Photo credit: The Dog Logo and Photographs © 2004


The Aphasia Decoder.... said...

One word: SWEET! Okay, two words: Cute puppies.


happy said...

Aaww...how adorable!

BenTheRotti said...

Hi, just found you on Coopers blog.. and we just had to rush over and say hi for two reasons..

1. Mum is a Latte addict.. Latte in the coffee sense but she is justthrilled to find such a beautiful doggy named after her all time favourite vice!

2. Mum also likes to cook homemade treats for me and will be perusing your blog for new ideas.. Mum's can never have enough recipes for dogs apparently hehehe

My skinsisters are totally obsessed with the dog collection. They have books, magazines, keyrings, buttons, cuddly toys, address books, stationary, calendars, t-shirts.. oh you name it they have it featuring the artist collection.
Mum didn't know about the fish-eye lenses so now she is all excited and talking about looking into buying one.. that can only mean one thing.. she is gonna be chasing me around with the camera again!! *sigh*

So nice to meet you, Mum sends cuddles..

love, licks and tail-wags,

Ben xxxx

Amber said...

The puppy pictures are so adorable!!!
haha, yea, they are very clever.

Amber :)

Latte said...

Hi Aphasia Decoder & Happy: YES! Sometimes my humans would wish I didn't grow up and be their little pup forever. :p

Hey BenTheRotti: Let us know which recipe you like best ya :) Happy baking and barking, haha..

Yo Amber: Ya! I cannot believe how simple and clever the idea was - just get lots of us super cute dogs and shoot even cuter pics - such genius.