An amazing slow motion video of dogs - you'll realize it's an advertisement at the end, amazing nevertheless.

Have a great weekend! I'm probably going out for a walk with my human later.




A million thanks to a la karina for this beautiful award. *shy* I've never thought of myself as beautiful *wags*

And these are the rules and I'll break the last 3 :p

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Hair Cut

My humans gave me a hair cut recently. It was the first time they've done it for me. I didn't struggle nor complain. At the end of it - I was so much lighter. Being amateurs at grooming, I'm pretty glad they didn't lop off the tip of my ear or a piece of my paw. Whew... :) These 2 pictures were how I looked before the cut. Really long fur all over.

The cut made me feel sleek, easier to dash through the wind.


Walk Walk!

My humans tried out something for the very first time. :)
Walk walk with their little pup. A daunting task with two little ones running about - both humans had their hands full.
As the pup held my leash, I didn't strain nor pull. She squealed with joy! We two were happy walking together. "Awww..," went the grown-ups.



Day out with Armani

Armani is one my best dog pal. I like him so much I'd whine and howl if my humans mentioned his name enough. Had a great walk with him although he kept avoiding my sniffs and licks. Hmpf...
Haha, I've not met him for more than a year!

Can you tell who is Latte and who is Armani?



Happy new year everyone! And wishing you a wonderful decade ahead!!




My humans have been so busy with their pup that they've not had a chance to update this dog's blog for a long, long time. All the special dog cookie baking is on a hiatus. O well... I understand, it's a different stage of life in this family. On the bright side, I've got another one to sniff. :p

Hope all is well with my furry friends all over. Have a howling good 2010! Ooo...

Celebrated my third birthday recently with a banana dog muffin, complete with natural yogurt frosting and I'm still looking good. Probably need to get some dog dental check up soon for routine.