My milk fang (just like Jessie's)

Milk Fang

It seemed really long ago that my paw-rents saw a post on Jessie's milk fang and they thought, "Latte's not alone!" That was just last Dec.

I've got a milk fang too, although I'm not a puppy anymore (2 years and 3 months!) We asked our vet whether it needs to be taken off, but it wasn't necessary.

Maybe it's a reminder of how little and cute I was. And how far I've come since my puppy days. :) My first 3 months were real bad... Maybe my paw-rents should blog on that part of my life.

Reflexion (to comments in the previous post):

Josh and Jess
: LOL, at least your paw-rents can let you guys shed outdoors, I do it completely indoors. It gets everywhere - clothes, on our food, in our drinks, on baby's milk bottle, in the bed, in the fan... haha...Delete

Orable and Charlie
: Haha... during my very first shedding - my humans thought of making another dog, a soft toy dog!

Ludo van puppy
: *Nuzzle* Yes! And if my paw-rents save up all my fur, I think they can make a huge fur sofa or make a huge ball of sheltie yarn for weaving...Delete

Ricky the Sheltie
: Yup, with lots more fur to come :pDelete

: You never shed... Oh My Dogness! That's such a blessing! I bet your mum has never had to taste fur in her food and drinks :pDelete

Scottie the 'cutie'
: No shedding? Sigh... Your mum is so blessed! Happy Chinese New Year to you too.

The Aphasia Decoder....
: Stuff you with the fur? BOL - Can't imagine you growing bigger and bigger with each shedding season. My paw-rents feel that I'm a lot less fluffy now - not so nice to pet :p

: Wow! Another one! :) So glad for your mum that you're not a shedder, so blessed.


Ludo van puppy said...

Your milky tooth is very cute Latte. As is you! Why was your first 3 months bad? I wants to know.
~lickies, Ludo

Josh and Jess said...

We have our regular health check on Monday next week so our Ma will ask the vet to take another look at my little milk teeth. Maybe they can stay in as well? The vet nurse said it's quite a big operation and I would have to be in hospital all day.


maui said...

hi there latte!

i think your tooth is cute! :)

and yup, mom never whines about hair in her food/drink! if she did, i would be in big pup trouble!


happy said...

What a cute baby fang you have, Latte!

Anonymous said...

oh wow that is a funny tooth you still have! I hope it helps you chew stuff up really well! :)

Scottie the 'cutie' said...

You still have your baby tooth? Awesome! You sure look cute with your teeth all bared like that...hehe!