Heartwarming Bakes of Cake and Bread

During the holidays, my pawrents slowed down and baked. Whiffs of homebaked bread and cake filled the air and this young shetland sheepdog had to sit right outside the kitchen - salivating.

I showed them my little begging dog paw when they took a quick peep at me, and a glance was all I got.

No cookies! *hmph* It's such an ordeal to have to wait and smell the delicious bread, especially since we dogs have such a good sense of smell.

As reward for my patience, I got to savour chucks of warm toasted bread with oozling sloops of cheese. Not once, but twice. Thank dogness :-)

Although I've been a great dog, I didn't get to try the cake because it was too sweet for me. My dad wanted to but mum wouldn't let. O well...


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Yummy - it all looks so good!!!

By the way Latte, how's your little sister doing?

Amber said...

Hey there Latte! Yummy!! Glad you had some yummies :D the cake is so cute! My mommy doesn't want to feed me sweet stuffs now, she said have to watch my sugar level..

amber licks!!

Ludo van puppy said...

ooh Yummy! You is very lucky to get cheesey bread. I just loves cheese.

happy said...

Those look really yummy! At least you get a whiff of the yummy baking smell. I don't get that privilege at my place.

maui said...

holy moly latte!

i am so jealous. and no worries, mom would have never let me eat those sweets either.

hope you are having a woofalicious day!


Latte said...

Ricky:: My little sista is doing really well! She's a sweet one, like me! :p

Amber:: Same here. My pawrents wouldn't let me either. But if I beg hard enough, my mommy sometimes throws me a morsel! Woof!

Ludo:: Cheese is the best!!

Happy:: Here's a virtual whiff for you! :)

Maui:: You have a pawtastic day too!! :)

Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Whoa, bread and cakes look yummy there! I so wish I live at your house, Latte! Mom doesn't know how to cook...and her baking skills are...let's just say not up to par just yet. LOL!

Hope you have a great weekend, and Happy Chinese New Year! *grins*


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I only hope your mom didn't have to clean up a big mess!