Walk through the Park

The other day, I had to go to the vet for my annual heartworm jab. All dogs need to go through this so I wasn't scared at all. In fact, I was so excited to meet Dr Edmund again that I didn't even mind when he jabbed me with the syringe.

It was an early afternoon on a weekday, so there were no fellow dog pals at the vet. Which is a good thing too, because that might mean that none of them is sick. *High paws*

My dad whipped out his new gadget-toy. Haha... hoomans have toys too. With his new iPhone, he deduced that we could have a nice walk home. And this young dog here could have a stroll through the park. It was swell!

Dog by the pond - "I've never swum in my 2 doggie years, I wonder how it feels...?"

A little stone bridge across the pond, "I had to pose... again." :p

Check out the blooming lotus in the background, beautiful!

"And for the final part of the journey, I had to brave a long hike across the overhead bridge suspended over an expressway full of speeding cars - dangerous! Well... it's part and parcel of being an urban dog. "

See ya!


Ludo van puppy said...

That looked like a fun walk. I has never been swimming either, but I has falled into a big puddle. It was horrible.

I has an award for you at my blog.
~lickies, Ludo

Latte said...

O... thank you Ludo, it's a wonderful award. *High paws*

The Aphasia Decoder.... said...

You sure look pretty in these photos. Someone spends a lot of time brushing.

Levi's mom

Josh and Jess said...

I usual get real excited about having to go to the vet too :) I just love people, even they only want to stick needles in me! Congrats on your new award, you deserve it, pretty girl!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Hi Latte! How awesome that you got to go for a great walk in a beautiful park! You're so photogenic - smiling in every picture!

I've been swimming (dad taught me how over the summer) but I can't say that I like it much. I don't think you're missing out on anything!

Hope you and your family have a Happy New Year!

~Susie Pearl~ said...

Nice to meet you Latte. I am now a follower of your pawsome blog. Mama says I may get to ave a raw diet someday soom . You are a beauty!