Come visit me : )

Auntie A came over the other day and I had such a sniffing good time!

Soaking in Auntie A's attention. I love it :) Please come visit more often...


BenTheRotti said...

Aunties are great! My Auntie always brings goodies!

You look like you had a great time. Hope you get more visits!

love n licks,

Ben xxxx

PeeS: Mum made the cake, it was DELICIOUS!! She says thank you soooo much. I got to taste a crumb of it, it was yummy but no matter how much I pleaded.. that was all i got!

Ben xxxx

Bree/Reilly said...

Ah....you can never get to much of that good lovin!!!! My aunty lives all the way in Australia but I get lots of attention form people when we go to the pet stores and at agility.

Tatum Tot said...

Ooo smells are good! You could have done some good butt biting there too!

Anonymous said...

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Orable and Charlie said...

relatives are the best treats; they give cuddles and scratches and FOOD!


Amber said...

Missh you Latte! Your auntie looks nice and sweet :)


Simba said...

Awww...love when the Auntie's and Uncle's come over for a visit!!



happy said...

Hi Latte! Sure have missed you!

CC said...

Hello Latte, I just found your site and will certainly be back to get more recipies and see what is happening in your day!