Book Review: The Good Treats Cookbook for Dogs

The Good Treats Cookbook for Dogs by Barbara Burg

Printed in 2007, this cookbook comes with 50 recipes. With a background in canine catering – the author sure knows how to spice up her receipes. I confess, I’m nuts for photos and this book is relatively well-illustrated.

Only gripe I have again about this book is about some of the ingredients suggested, e.g., 3 cloves of garlic and mushrooms... If you look at ASPCA's advice, it's better to avoid feeding your dog these.

What’s great about the book is the section on chilled treats which are great for dogs, especially in the summer months – whip up a cool treat for your dog to beat the heat. Hmm... which sets me thinking of whipping up some non-lactose ice-cream for Latte.


Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Wow...that book looks cool! I wonder if it's sold here in Malaysia. Maybe I can persuade Mom to get one so she can start baking and cooking for me too...she's such a lazy bum when it comes to cooking. =P

Is it true that doggies can't eat garlic? Mom's read somewhere that it can be fed, but not in big amounts?


Latte said...

Hi Scottie :)

There're other books you could check out too. We like Three Dog Bakery's recipe book, haven't had a chance to do a full review because it has quite a lot of content.

I wouldn't say that dogs cannot eat garlic - large amounts are toxic. And I've heard of dogs that can take small amounts without negative effects. However, no symptoms doesn't mean it's healthy or good for them... Just like grapes, you won't know how much your dog can take before it causes renal failure. Sometimes, the effects creeps in only after months of silent damage...

So for us, we choose to be very safe, i.e., completely avoid. Since Latte can enjoy other food, why not just abstain from questionable ones.


Bree/Reilly said...

Isn't that odd, mom was looking at the ingredients of some dog foods/cookies/treats the other day and they nearly all have some amount of garlic in them. Mom prefers to make my treats herself that way she knows what goes into them.

Orable & Charlie said...

Yum! Yum...yum and...YUM! That looks like such fun. I shall have to tell my human about it at once!

licks & slobbers

Latte said...

Hi Reilly, some ppl do feed their dogs garlic and some recipe books actually includes it. The problem is we won't know how much garlic is safe before it might do some harm to us.

Check out the report here: