Dog Food, Human Food: Hamburger Classic

We were craving for some home-made hamburgers - plump, juicy, simply delicious. The ingredients we used were all dog-safe.

All three of us, dog and 2 humies (humans) tucked in to the hamburger patties. And for us humies, we added freshly stewed tomato sauce which went really well with the hamburgers.

One trick we learnt was to shape the beef patties and then coat it with olive oil. It would slide onto the frying pan easily.

200g Ground Beef
2 tsp Dried basil
2 tsp Dried Parsley
1/2 tsp Ground Black Pepper
1/5 cup Bread Crumbs
1/2 Egg (Beaten)

1. Mix everything, shape the patties and throw it into the pan! That's all. Really simple, perfect for rainy lazy days :)


the aphasia decoder.... said...

I've always made a little hamburger patty for Cooper when cooking them for we humans. It's good to know others are like-wise following this tradition. LOL

happy said...

That sounds really easy! Another one coming up for LS to make for me hehe.

Happy Easter!

Latte said...

aphasia decoder:
Great to know you're cooking for your dog too :) I think home cooked food is so much better with so much less chemicals.

It was easy, simple and fast - it's the first time I had the same food as my humies, BOL.. Happy Easter to you too!

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Spencer said...

Those hamburgers sound very tasty! I sometimes get turkey burgers with apple and brie cheese bits in them...mmmm!


Latte said...

Wow Spencer, can I trade mine with yours? They sound really yummy!


Tatum Tot said...

ooo man I want some please!!!